Finding new efficiencies in
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28 June – 1 July 2020
JUN 29

Day 2

10:00 UAE
A True

Collaborative Approach

Construction projects are massive and complex undertakings with multiple stakeholders and dependencies. Due to this, some form of conflict is widely considered as almost inevitable and governing contracts, due to several reasons, also have the potential to create delays and disputes. This panel will look at steps that can be taken to better align stakeholders and minimise the potential for projects to be derailed by claims, disputes and delays.

Talking points:

  • Common causes of problems on regional construction projects and the steps project stakeholders can take to minimise or avoid claims, disputes and delays
  • Amending construction contracts to take into account the nuances of delivering a project with new rules and regulations driven by the outbreak of COVID-19
  • Structuring contracts to ensure project success and ensuring that all relevant parties fully understand rather than individually interpret what the contract outlines
  • Linking the supply chain’s incentives to the success of the project as a whole, so that the entire project team becomes more fully integrated and committed to positive project performance
  • Selecting an appropriate contracting strategy to ensure success on construction projects that are fast-tracked

Confirmed Panellists:

Rita Allan, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons
Charlie Harris, Branch Director, Omnium International

Moderator: Nithin Thomas, Senior BIM Manager, Shapoorji Pallonji International


Virtual Presentation: RIB Software’s 10 Minute 5D Cost Estimate Demonstration at the Virtual VE Summit

Session Overview

Producing a cost estimate in just ten minutes would have been impossible before the advent of BIM, but in this session you’ll get to see how 5D BIM can make this a reality. Join RIB Software’s Herman van Eeden for a live demonstration, where he imports a model received from the design team, carries out a quantity take-off, cross-references the extracted data against the 2D drawings, and finally takes that information and produces a cost estimate in a format that can be presented directly to the client.

He will also cover some of the common pitfalls, highlight occasions whereby 2D information can still be useful and also highlight how the revisioning process can easily deal with revised design information.

Don’t miss this presentation if you want to learn how 5D BIM can take your cost estimating to the next level!

3 Key Learning Points

  • Know what information to ask for and why you need it
  • Understand the efficiency improvements that 5D BIM can deliver
  • How to avoid common pitfalls of BIM quantification


Virtual Presentation: Autodesk: VE using Generative Design for AEC

This presentation by Autodesk will show how generative design can change the way we design buildings by quickly generating thousands of design alternatives based on pre-defined goals, constraints and inputs that will result in higher performing options for data-driven decision making.



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